Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Page Forty Six John Braden's Diary

september saturday the 30
i worked in the foundry the st fair is over

sunday the first of october
my father inlaw & i got up earley & went a fishing i caught 2 bas dad ____ had 7 we came past mr lees & got my stove _______ stove i took john over washing meshine this evening

monday the 2
this was pay day i went up town got shaved got me a pair of over halls & a waist i paid my cobb bill ($1 75) then went to johns to a dance Harry went with me i got
$2 00 for playing i got hame at 12=30 o clock

wensday the 4
gorge Gatton got home today ed B. dug some of my taters i worked in the foundry

thursday the 5

friday the 6
ed dug the rest of my potatoes

saturday the 7
i wint up town & got me a fiddle bo after supper i played the fiddle for a dance at joneses got $2 25 harry went with me


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