Saturday, October 20, 2007

Page Forty Four John Braden's Diary

tues the 12
i worked on the road

Wensday the 13
i helped John dig his potatoes i quit the railroad i went down to the foundry & got a job there at $1 35 pr day

thursday the 14
it rained i dident do much went out to Jo Barnes got 5 bu of oats

friday the 15
i went to work in the foundry helped to hall iron and mills

saturday the 16
helped to set up mills & hall mills

sunday 17
at home all day wint a fishing in the evning john had a dance

monday the 18
set up mills halled mills cut threads taps

tuesday the 19
set up mills halled mills taped nuts

wensday the 20
bufflo bill was here to day i halled mills & set up mills

thursday the 21
i set up mills all day

friday the 22

saturdat the 23
worked i went up town got shaved went to toms played the fiddle for a dance


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