Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Almost Halloween!

I was looking at the blog and realized I haven't really updated all month! Just the diary pages. So I am long over due to catch up on things around here.

Today is the easiest to start with because it is fresh in my memory. I have been having more and more moments where my memory or lack of it has been a problem! Today the boys got up early and had practice at church. They are both playing their instruments in church for all three services tomorrow for Reformation Sunday. It will be strange going to church and sitting by myself. This is the first year younger son is old enough to play in church. They want the kids to be high school age. Younger son is so excited, he has wanted to play for years at church with his older brother. After the kids came home we headed out to Indiana to have lunch with my sister's family and my parents. My nephew is in for the weekend from college so it was nice seeing everyone. Older son is sick again with a cold, so I am hoping he feels better soon and we don't catch it from him before our trip!

Debbie and I have been walking 3 or 4 times a week again trying to get in better shape for all the walking we will be doing in Disney. We have one flat traveler with us now and one of our travelers we have known for years is coming back to travel with us! We will be taking Flat Nicole and Danielle from Canada with us and a traveler from the Jolly family from England too. Just think they will have to go through security with us and get x-rayed :)

Last Sunday we went with my sister and niece to Boo at the Zoo for the day and out to dinner. Boo at the Zoo is more for younger kids, but it is still fun to walk around and see all the costumes. I bought my sister, niece, and I angel halo's in different colors. The boys had scary costumes this year. I'll post a picture next. We spent a lot of time in the monkey house. They were great to watch! It was feeding time and they were all very active.

This last week younger son started a weekly gym group. Again he is one of the older kids, but there were a couple of kids his age. It is only 8 weeks and we will miss one week while we are in Disney. He likes it so far. They are going to be doing dodgeball, basketball, and kickball.

Younger son also went on an overnight with youth group recently. They went to Planetwisdom and he had a great time. He shared a hotel room with 3 other boys and really enjoyed the whole conference.

Younger son is already deep into the play for December. He has a small part this year. It works out well since he has put a lot of pressure on himself this year with school work. The band concert music is already being practiced for the Christmas concert. I am hearing alot of Christmas music around here. The only bad part about having the concert back in December is older son can't take any days off in December. He works at UPS and it isn't allowed. Now that he is a supervisor it would be even harder. He will be able to make the Spring one though.

The next 10 days are going to fly by getting ready to go, along with Halloween and all our regular activities, but all fun stuff! I have only been in a plane twice now and I am not a great flier, but the kids are. I am already loaded up on dramamine, I bought the big box :) Airport security is tight so we will be leaving a 3am since our flight leaves at 6:15am. There will be lots of pictures when we get back, so if I am not on updating until we are back home I will have lots to share! We are all getting pretty excited!


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