Friday, August 17, 2007

I Am Dreaming of Slides!

I spend three days and many hours going through my grandfathers old slide he took from about the early sixties until the late 90's. I am guessing around 2000 to 3000. Many were in the old round thingy that played the slides through a projector. Since I didn't have a projector I did them all buy hand. Originally it started out looking for old pictures of my grandparents for the cookbook. It turned into a week of an other big project that I am still working on. I have a lot of old family photos. Many dating back to the 1800's and early 1900's. I was very involved in genealogy before kids and always had it in the back of my mind since. I always said I am going to do a generational picture family tree of sorts. Well while looking at all the slides and knowing I was going to get them made into pictures, my mind snapped and I took out ALL my pictures and had to call a relative or two, but I managed to copy parents, grandparent and can you believe one set of the kids great, great, great, great, great grandparents. Yes I had to count the greats after I typed them :) Now as you can imagine some are not great prints and the 5th great for the kids are the last pictures in the photo store. They were negatives that I had made from the original tin prints about 20 years ago. I am glad I had them done. The only problem was finding someone capable of printing them. They are rather large. I had all the prints made into 4x6 prints. A copy for me, both kids, my sister and her kids. I spent almost as much time writing who everyone was on each picture in relation to the person receiving it. I found two wonderful frames that each hold 9 4x6 pictures. So after I figure out witch ones to display I will have pictures of all the generations from the kids grandparents to 5 greats on one side. I was lucky enough to ask for pictures on their fathers side years ago and can even do that side to grandparents on one side and great great grandparents on the other. I actually may need a third frame. I am taking a wedding picture in tomorrow that have the kids great grandparents on their dad's side and standing behind them are the bride and grooms parents. I am not even sure of their names, but they are there :) After I get them all framed and up I am of course taking a picture of them and posting it here. I have a dairy from one of my great great grandparents from 1865 I believe. I should post some of it here. It was fascinating to read. My aunt is mailing me one last picture that will complete as much as I can for the kids. Now if they get married and have kids, I hope their wives come with family picture :)

For other news, I hope all the family history isn't too boring for the blog! Younger son went to the mall for the day with a friend. He is now back into war gaming and dreaming of the forts he will build and guys he will paint. When I picked him up he was limping. I knew he had some mosquito bites a few days ago and didn't think much of it. Turns out many look bad now. Around his ankle they are huge, I know he scratched them, but I am thinking they may be some other bug bite now. He can't walk on his ankle because they are causing pain. The one on his arm his also red and big and has a very strange rash that started. I talked to the doctor tonight and he is going to see him in the morning. It even sounds strange for a spider bite. So I have to be up by 6:45 to call and get an appointment tomorrow morning. That of course is the morning once a month Orkin comes to spray and each week our milk is delivered on Friday too. I though older son would be here, but he has to leave around 10 am, so we will see who is here for what after I know what time I am going in. Younger son is very upset and worried. His friend mentioned West Niles and the new itching bug they found and now he is a little panicked. I am just hoping they are bad mosquito bites he scratched and will be fine.

Older son has a charity baseball game through work on Saturday and he had practice this morning and tomorrow. I hope they don't get rained out I want to go and watch. With camera in hand :)

I have an almost funny Milo story. I say almost because it really ISN'T funny! He tends to chew paper if he happens to come across it. He has chewed numerous papers the kids leave around. Not all of it, just enough to be a pain. Well older son FINALLY received a check that he had coming to him from a party he did (ladies first check bounced, she had her account stolen, she was on vacation, she is sick, her sister stood me up twice, wired a check, had to wait for stop payment to issue new one, well you get the idea it has been almost 2 months!) she finally stopped by today with not the cash she promised, but a new check. Yep, I closed the door and the wind caught the check knocking on the floor. Before I could say LEAVE IT, Milo chewed her name off the corner! The bank took it, but I am not holding my breath. It is an out of state check from a credit card in her mom's account. So we shall see in 5 days or so if it clears. I am hoping I didn't take Milo's lunch away from him needlessly :)


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