Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I know it has been awhile! I hope you all have a blessed Easter Day with your families. My boys are at church all day playing. I just came home from the 8am service. I am meeting them at my parent's house for dinner. It is so strange now that they are older. We always got up early on Easter and went to church together. After church was a huge Easter egg hunt and Easter baskets. Lots of noise and pictures. Then off to my sister's or mom's for dinner. There were more Easter baskets and another egg hunt at their house. I am glad not to have all that chocolate around, but miss all the excitement of younger kids. I so enjoy the people they are now! Holiday are just so much more quiet without young kids. Remind me I said that after grandchildren or great nieces and nephews start coming :)

Enjoy your day!


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