Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Catching Up

While we have our visiting traveler I was planing on updating much more often, but after the last update I ended up with the stomach flu for three days. So I can't even say I am behind updating since we haven't done much to update! I was sick Thursday through Saturday and just started feeling like eating again Monday. Yesterday I had to have a mole removed that took a few stitches and some soreness, but I am glad it is done. I am having a little trouble driving since it is on the back of my right leg and hits right where the leg sets down on the seat. They told me not to even take off the bandage for two days.

Besides that things have been pretty quiet. Luckily the kids didn't catch anything from me yet, so their routine has been about the same. Last Wednesday night younger son and I went out to see the eclipse and took a couple of pictures. I will down load them next. It was freezing that night and my fingers were numb in just a few minutes from trying to get pictures. Thursday morning I still had to make it to an appointment to get our taxes done at 7 am. I was never so glad to be home! I knew by then I wasn't feeling well, but just thought my stomach was upset. A couple of hours later and our taxes would have had to wait. I did run out Sunday afternoon when the sun was out to mail some bills. We have another 4 or 5 inches of snow again too. I think I read or heard that this is the 5th highest snowfall we have had for a season. The last few years have been pretty dry with not too much snow. I think we all forgot how much snow we use to get! I can do without the ice though!!

The kids are just coming home from fine arts now. Older son is then off to work and younger son has youth group tonight. That's about it here.


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