Wednesday, February 06, 2008

We survived the Super Bowl party. Older son had about 10 of his friends over. Younger son and I hung out most of the time with the dog in the bedroom. We made it easy, just a few snacks and ordered pizzas. I didn't have too much interest in the Super Bowl this year. If the Bears aren't in it, I really don't care too much who wins. I'm not a big football fan. To me the Bears haven't been the same since the Super Bowel Shuffle days! Now that was a team! Kind of like when Michael Jordan left the Bulls.

We are expecting another snow storm today. If I lived a little closer to the city or north of the city, I would be getting a foot of snow today. The south is supposed to only get 1 to 3 inches. It is coming down pretty hard right now. The streets were just getting icy when I took younger son to fine arts this morning. Older son has one class then meets younger son at fine arts for band. I told him if the weather is questionable just to get him and come home. Most of the Chicago area is getting 1 to 2 inches of snow per hour from 10am until 6pm. Lots of accidents already as the rain turned to ice and now snow.

We had a tragedy happen this weekend. I debated on weather or not to mention it to our travelers, but it is a sad part of life that happens. The town I grew up in and older son wants to be a police officer in had the unthinkable happen. A man walked into a Lane Bryant store after it just opened Saturday morning and shot and killed 5women. He walked right back out and escaped before police arrived. Turns out he shot a 6th person and she survived. We did not know that until Monday morning I believe. She has been very helpful and police have a good sketch of him. We heard he decided on this store because he did not want to encounter any men. It was also mentioned he had tried sexual advances on at least one woman before the robbery started. He robbed all the women and shot them gang style after he tied them up. He did shoot the 6th women, she played dead and survived. It has really hit the community hard. There has never been anything like this in the town or nearby. The newspapers compared the town to Mayberry. To see police officers in this town with guns drawn was unbelievable. I drove by it Sunday morning. It is in the same town as our church only about 20 minutes from me. I am not naive I realize things like this can happen anywhere, but I like a lot of others live pretty well in denial of it being able to happen so close to home just to get on with everyday life. Otherwise having to worry each day as you walk out of your house would be too much. The town is Tinley Park, IL it made national news and is still all over the papers in Chicago. Because of an armed robbery in our own building complex recently I started walking the dog instead of the kids. Especially after dark. There were other reason, but that was the big one. Our police are watching our complex too since we have had some criminal activity here, but I pray each time the kids leave the house they make it back safe, because I have to let them go. What will it be like when older son is a cop? I like on the TV show Full House when the dad tells DJ when she is learning to drive he would like to bubble wrap the town to keep her safe. Well I would have to bubble wrap the town and make sure all the criminals have toy guns, now likely to happen. Faith, which will have to be it in a nutshell. Faith everything will come out ok, faith my kids will return home, faith that I am making the right decisions, faith.


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