Sunday, February 17, 2008

Flat Brothers Are Home and Brought a Friend!

Our brothers traveled to South Korea last month to visit The Nungnae Elementary School in South Korea. The class is an English one and the kids all wrote a little note that returned with our travelers. Our traveler climbed Namsan Mountain. They saw the sights in Dongdaemun. The brothers visited Seoul Land and rode a Viking and train. They even had a picnic to Hangang Park with their new friends. Our traveler came home with a list of Korean letters so we can put together words.

Our traveler brought home a friend from South Korea. We have visiting Flat Tae-gug-ki. It is actually the Korean flag. I took a picture of it with the pages the kids sent with their pictures. I will post it next.

Today has been quiet here. Older son DJ'ed a wedding this afternoon. I have to stop myself from following him and taking pictures :) Younger son just practice his trumpet and hung around the house. I mostly wrote letters and was online. We are all home tonight watching the finale of The American Gladiator. Younger son wants the teacher to win.

We have had rain most of the day and about 40 degrees. The rest of the week will be much colder and snow likely. Right now we are back to mud instead of ice.

There has been so much is the news lately that has been terrible, I have been struggling with it all. I had some bad news from a friend of mine this week too, involving an other violent crime. One of older son's friends goes to Northern. We were very relieve that she is home safe, but grieve for the children that did not make it home. They are starting classes back up on the 25th of this month.

I am going to go find the pictures I took and put them up. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


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