Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

A very happy Valentines Day to all. The kids were happy to find a little chocolate in honor of Valentines Day when they woke up :) I hope they eat it quickly so I don't!

It has been pretty quiet around here with all the bad weather we have been having, if we don't have to go out we don't. I fell walking the dog when we had the last ice storm. Which leads me to wonder out loud why I am the one walking the dog in this weather. Oh well, it is normally good exercise for both of us :)

Older son was just promoted at work again and is now running his own dock! He was so happy. He has been wanting to get back on the docks for over a year and out of the office part. When he was made supervisor a while back, they put him in charge of new hires. He is definitely more a hands on type. He is now running a dock with 6 people and loving it. They gave him a troubled dock and he was actually happy about the challenge.

We went to my sisters Sunday for a family game day and ordered our airline tickets for our upcoming trip. We have less than 90 days until we leave now. By then my nephew will be done with his first year of college and older son will be done with college and hopefully moving on to the police academy.

Younger son is starting drivers ed the beginning or March for 5 weeks. So I imagine I will be in the car a lot more!

It is in the 20's here today and tomorrow and actually feels warm! Still gloomy, but we are hoping for sun soon!

Not too much of an update! We have been pretty boring lately :) Hope you all have a wonderful day!!


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