Saturday, December 01, 2007

I Am Going to Go Hibernate Now!

Ok, I shouldn't complain, I do live in the suburbs of the Windy City. Give me the wind any day. I can take almost any driving condition except ice! When we went to son's practice about 35 minutes away it was already snowing and I remember hearing we should be getting some bad weather today, but I drive in snow all winter. I should have listened to the radio and I would have stayed home. We started out with flurries, but by the time we got to band (about an hour with traffic slowing down) the weather turned to small ice pellets that hurt while you were out in it. I sat in the car and read while son was in practice and happened to call my friend who asked if I was crazy and haven't I listened to the weather lately? Yep and nope, I may be crazy and I haven't been listening to the weather. After two hours in the parking lot my car was a sheet of ice that I thawed for a half hour before son came out of band. I knew watching everyone slide out of the building I was in trouble! I had a hard time making it out of the lot because we were sliding. Let me interject I am a terrible winter driver who panics in bad weather. Not a great combination. I got out onto the road which is a country type road that salt truck don't make it down until the main roads are done. Throw in the big hill I have to make it up to get to a main road and we have panic. All cars were driving slow passing the ones that tried to go faster in the ditches. It did look pretty, just like glass. I kept telling younger son we will never make it up the hill and we are never coming out of the house this winter again! I was so upset he even offered to drive, mind you he has never driven a car! I pulled over just at the base of the bridge on the shoulder planing on turning around and trying an other way after the two cars behind me passed. A very nice guy in a truck pulled up and rolled down his window and asked if we were ok. I told him I was afraid we wouldn't make it up the hill. He told me to just start going and don't stop. Well I followed him over the hill and made it to the main street. There was only a guard rail on the very top of the hill on the way up if we would have slid it would have been a good fall off the road. On the main street people were still going about 30 instead of 50, but at least the roads were better traveled and not as slippery. I hope I haven't scared younger son for life :) I am telling you when I am in my 70's my boys better come pick me up because after my 60's I am giving up Winter driving! Mind you I have over 20 good years before then, but I though I would give them fair warning! I am off to pray older son makes it home now from work. He just called and he is on his way home. Mostly express way so hopefully those roads will be clear.


At 1:23 AM, Blogger Kunoichi said...

Wow! Not fun, that's for sure. That's one thing I don't mind about having the -20C we've got right now - it's a bit slippery, but you don't get the icing like what you've described.

At 11:11 AM, Blogger BettyBetty said...

Come out of hibernation! Tagging you:


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