Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tom Boy's Birthday

Not many other events mark the passage of time more then either my children's, niece and nephew or my best friends kids turning 18! Mind you we are having our second out of the group turn 21 next month. We were all close in our teen years. My sister, my best friend Debbie, and I. We have gone through all our adult life together, the ups and downs of life. Laughing and crying with each other. Today was Tom Boy's 18Th birthday. I was going through our pictures yesterday for my cookbook project and came across his first birthday party pictures. Maybe it is because I am getting older and time seems to go faster, but it only feels like I blinked and our kids are grown. I have the youngest in the group at 14.

We had a great time at his party today. I missed Debbie's kids party last year, so I haven't seen most of her family in two years. Her mom lives out of state and is in for the summer. It's fun just to sit around and talk with people you love and have known for so long. Tom is autistic and wonderful. He read all his cards out loud and thanked everyone before blowing out candles and having cake. Tom is one of the happiest kids I know and that is mostly due to Debbie. I am so proud to have a friend that has shown so much grace, strength and love raising Tom. Never believe what doctors tell you a person will be able to do or not do, would be my advise. Debbie never did and look what she accomplished! We all need a parent that will fight for us, love us unconditionally and always push us. Tom is the lucky one, his mother did just that. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM BOY!


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