Friday, July 13, 2007

He's back!

I went to pick up younger son today at my sister's. The house is just not the same without him here! How did I ever get through a week of summer camp years before? I really only didn't see him for 3 days. Monday I dropped him off and Friday I picked him up. He had a great time. Not only did he have theatre camp for two and a half hours a day, but my sister and her family took him to see Harry Potter, the drive-in to see two movies, swimming, and lots of fun at home with her. Every time I talked to him they were either coming home from somewhere or playing games. My sister's family and my family love to play games.

My week was quiet without him. Older son and I mostly hung around and caught up on movies. Between work and school, he's only home a few hours unless we stay up all night after he gets home from work. We have done that before too.

Cookbook update.... I took everything to my sister's today. I went early and spent the day until we had to pick up younger son at theatre camp. My niece took the day off to spend with us. We went through the cookbook publishers and finally picked which company we are going with. I also brought along all my grandmothers recipes and cookbooks. I had my sister and niece go through everything I did not pick to see what I missed and what they would like to include too. We have the basic layout of how the book will look and most of the recipes we want to use of my grandmothers. My sister, niece and I have to go through ours yet and wait for other family and friends to reply. We have one color picture for the cover, a family picture in black and white for the dedication page and we are picking 8 or 9 other pictures to print in black and white for the index dividers. I was SO happy to have other opinions! You look at so many option and after awhile you can't decide anything. I had in mind what I wanted to do and their suggestions really added to my vision. Since my grandfather liked to do the outdoor cooking and was in scouts we decided to make the book for both of them and include an outdoor cooking section. So we have to find a good picture of both of them for the cover. That is why we are going with the family picture for the dedication page. Dave and Tammy.... if you are reading this, can you believe we are using your wedding group picture! Younger son was only a baby, but that is the last family picture with everyone in it. My grandfather passed away not long after that. We are printing it in black and white and it is not a tradition wedding picture with a gown. It is outside and a little more casual. The only picture that we really had to decide where to use is a picture of their house up north. I thought the cover and my sister and niece think the cover should be of my grandparents. Which will look very nice. So I am making the house one of the dividers. So that is the cook book update :)

After we picked up younger son, my sister, niece, nephew, younger son and I all went out to dinner. We missed older son, but he was at work long before dinner. We had a nice dinner and by that time younger son was ready to come home. He kept saying he couldn't wait to see Milo.

Milo was a pretty happy dog when he saw younger son come in! He started shaking and wagging his tail to hard it was almost a weapon! He followed him around all night. Very unusual since he hardly ever leaves my side.

Have a great weekend!


At 1:03 PM, Blogger Kunoichi said...

I just love your cookbook idea! I might just have to steal it. ;-)

What company did you decide to go with? And why did you choose that route, rather than self-publishing? (well, go to a local printer or something.)

Will you be making quite a few copies?

At 6:47 PM, Blogger The Travelers Journal said...

Thanks! A few of weeks ago the idea just popped in :) I collect cookbooks and love looking through them. I have all my grandmothers recipes from when she passed. I was wondering how to share all the recipes she had and not get them lost in this generation with me. I also have been thinking a lot about my grandmather lately and thought it would be a great tribute to her. We have decided to include both my grandparents now too. He was in scouts and did the outdoor cooking.

We decided to go with Morris Press. If you search for cookbook printing companies they will send you a box of information and examples of their cookbooks which are yours to keep. We decided on Morris because of price, quality and they allowed some of the things I was putting in the book (pictures, family tree, rememberences ect..). The biggest problem I have incountered besides the price is the amout of books we will print. I originally wanted 50. That would be for family and friends that would like to contribute. The only company that allowed that few was a quality book and the cost was not too far away from the cost of what I am doing becasue the individual book cost was almost double ordering so few. So I decided to pay the cost of 200 and put letters with all the relatives and friends free books letting them know I have extra if anyone would like a copy just for the cost of the book to me and shipping. Which I might add would be very resonable. I am looking just to recoup the money for the extra books I won't need.

I also chose Morris becasue between my sister and I we have quite a few school, church, chemoangel and such fundraiser cookbooks that have been mostly published by morris.

The reason I decided against self publishing is because I wanted a very good quality book to give each of the kids (mine and my sister's) for wedding gifts. I wasn't sure I would have liked how the books from local printer would turn out. I mentioned the one company that would print only 50 was low quality and I thought I might get something simular from local printers. I may be way off, but I wanted to see a finished product and quality before I went ahead with it. I am glad I at least asked to have kits sent because it gave me some idea's and option I didn't think of on my own. I am sure it could be done much more reasonable doing it local and may be just as good.

It turns out I will be printing 200 copies :) Yes I will have a few extra! I may put a link up on the blog after I have them made.

I already want a copy of your family cookbook, so I hope you decide to do one :) In the mean time any recipes you care to share, I would love to put in ours too. Anyone that has been in the kids life I have asked to participate. It now has a title too!! It will be called, "Recipes & Remembrances... The Williams Family and Friends Cookbook". I am paying I think an extra 10 or 15 cents to have recipe notes in the book. It can be anything from calorie information or a rememberance of the person. For instance some of the family has made notes about how when my grandmother visited them they made her this dish and she liked it. That will be in the book.

Sorry, this just got really long! Let me know if you decide to do one, it would be fun to talk about different ideas for the books!

At 1:53 AM, Blogger Kunoichi said...

I looked into some companies many years ago. I got a sample kit that included a free cookbook from one, but I can't remember the name. It's packed away with the rest of my library in Manitoba. *sigh*

200 copies! Wow!!!!

Christmas gifts, maybe? Will they be done by then?

As for my own, it's not something I will be doing anytime soon. Too many things on my plate right now that are higher priority. I definitely want to do one. It's just a matter of time.

Thanks for reminding me about the recipe request! I'd intended to send you come, but completely forgot. I'm going to have to stick a note up to remember to look put together a couple for you.

When do you need it by?

At 1:28 PM, Blogger The Travelers Journal said...

I know 200 sounds huge! They wont be in time for Christmas. I am thinking by next Spring. When I sent the letter out I should have put a date. I just said no hurry, it will take me awhile to get everything together, but I should have done some cut off just to give people an idea. I am thinking I will be read to send it in a month or two, but now want to wait until the end of the year in case I have more submissions. I asked 45 people to send recipes. You can send yours anytime. I am typing it up so it costs less, but I am a slow typer and a terrible speller, so it will be slow. I have close to 200 of my grandmothers and 170 of mine to put in. I only have had three others send recipes yet. My sister, nice and aunt will all have quite a few too.

I look forward to getting your recipes! I will be waiting for you to some day do your own family cookbook! Your recipes always sound good. Even the nachoes you make :)


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