Saturday, July 07, 2007


You know I had to post today with a date like that! I guess it is a huge day to get married. Today may set a record for the most people married in one day. I was hoping today would have been the day the 7th Harry Potter book was released. Instead of updating I would be reading:)

Lets see, Yesterday was a quiet day. Older son didn't get home from a sleep over until 11a.m. and then he left for work already by 1:30. Younger son went with a friend to the pool and swam until about 4:30p.m. I had the afternoon to myself. I use to dream about days like that when the kids were little, but now it is happening more and more! Once younger son is driving, I am thinking it will be rare when we are all home together during the day. I used the day to work on the cookbook I am doing dedicated to my grandma. I had no idea what I was getting myself into! The dilemma I am having is my grandmother has hundreds of recipes. A lot of hand written ones, ones on little pads of paper from when she worked at the bank, and of course cookbooks she used. I am not sure which she used all the time and what her favorites are. I am hoping my aunt can shed a little light on that. So I have a few dozen picked out and I am waiting for the input of more family and friends that may have had favorite she cooked.

This week younger son is going to my sister's house from Monday to Friday for a drama camp at their local high school. It is the best drama program we have seen. Better then most local colleges. I am dropping him off at class Monday and picking him up from class Friday evening. He will be at my sisters and they will take him back and forth. While he is there him and my nephew will of course see the Harry Potter movie this Wednesday night. Older son and I are going to wait to see it until next Saturday when all three of us will go see it together.

I am now starting on my recipes. I am hoping to get that done before younger son is home next week. Then it is a matter of typing everyones recipes into the computer program and deciding which company to go with. I have had 5 companies send me their packages. There are hundreds of choices! So far I am thinking of putting my grandparents house in Wisconsin on the cover. The inside cover will have a picture of my grandmother. Beyond that, I'm not sure yet.

Older son left this morning at 9 am to go see a movie with friends. He has a graduation party for a friend this afternoon, so I am pretty sure he is gone until late tonight. Younger son is packing and getting ready for next week. I did 6 loads of laundry so younger son could pack ;) Looks like the rest of the day will be quiet. I'm glad I am in today. I ran out earlier to the bank and post office and it is 92.

Keep cool!


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