Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Little Women Christmas

Younger son had his Christmas play this afternoon. The group did three short plays. Younger son was in the first one, "A Little Women Christmas". He played Laurie, the girl's neighbor.

After tomorrow where both boys play at church for lessons and carols, we are done with activities until the first week of January! Makes younger son sad and me happy. I enjoy all their activities, but I am looking forward to baking and starting to plan for our "Not so Christmas Eve" family party next Sunday.

Younger son just got over the stomach flu, so we are hopeful none of us gets it! I need to start cleaning, but after cleaning the bathroom every hour for about 12 hours, I am dragging me feet. So next week will be all about cleaning, baking and cooking. I may even get some gifts wrapped!

Older son has been applying for a second job for a couple of months now and finally found one! He will be working full time during the day at Walmart and still part time at UPS. Friday was his first day. He can start applying at police stations by next April or May. It is getting closer!

Hope everyone is enjoying preparing for Christmas!!!


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