Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Younger Son's Piano & Vocal Recital

Sunday we had younger son's piano & voice recital. He started the recital off on piano playing, "Shadows on the Moon". In the middle of the recital he played, "Spinning Song". He ended the recital by singing, "Oh Holy Night". He has only been taking piano & voice for about 3 months so he was pretty nervous to be on his own. With his trumpet and drama he is usually with a group. He looked pretty pale singing, but made it through without passing out:) It was really nice listening to all the kids play and sing. I thought he did a great job. It was great that older son was off work and came with. It was nice to have someone else record the recital. He has never heard younger son sing. He missed his musical this summer. After we went out to eat. It was a nice day together.

Unfortunately younger son ended up with the stomach flu last night and has missed his dress rehearsal for his play on Saturday. He is finally feeling a little better, but has a fever. I am hoping he is back to himself by Saturday.

Since we were home today, I was able to make a list for the food I am serving on the 21st. I am having my annual "Not Christmas Eve Party" for my family. I always had it on Christmas Eve when the kids were young. Now that everyone is working and busy we started having it the weekend before Christmas. I have separate lists for cookie and candy making ingredients and for the party. Shopping will have to be on two different days too. I will come back and post a list. My computer in acting up again. My screen keeps clicking on and off!


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