Thursday, October 02, 2008

Happy October!

It is Fall!! I love Fall! My favorite season. I love the crisp temperature and the color in the leaves. My friend and I went for our walk this morning and it was definitely cooler. We have to get in as much walking as we can because before you know it it will be below zero, snowing and icy :)

I haven't been here in a while. I had my niece staying with me for 9 days and she left on Sunday. They are only a state away and she works in Chicago, so I am closer to work for her then her home. She worked Monday through Wednesday and then took Thursday and Friday off to hang out with us. Mostly me. Older son is hardly ever home and most of our time was spent driving younger son to his activities. It was nice having someone with me. She took me out for a very nice lunch to celebrate my birthday. Milo loves when she is here too. He gets more walks.

I am happy to announce the cookbook is finished!! I couldn't be happier! Unless it will be early next week when I actually mail everything to the company that is putting it together. It even took me about 8 hours to fill out the forms and write down all the details of the book. I thought after typing recipes this would be a breeze. I kept second guessing myself on font, color, and just about everything else. You know when you look at too many options it gets hazy after awhile. I should have had a poll like Pioneer Women, but I may have still been the only vote :) After I mail in the information and transfer the recipes to them by computer (somehow still unknown to me), it will take until the first week in December to get the actual cookbooks. Family & friends that submitted recipes are getting a free copy and I decided since we had to order 200 cookbooks, we are going to sell some extras for $10.00 a piece along with $2.00 postage if I need to mail it. I really like the cover and picture I picked to go on it. It also has 4 personal pages; a poem, dedication page, & 2 family tree pages. The dividers were hard because I am having black and white photos on each divider. I picked the pictures last year, mostly from going through all my grandparents slides. Now that I looked at them again I changed things around and was short a couple of pictures and went with two I wasn't sure about. As of right now we have 424 recipes. I can still add up to 26 more for the same price. This Saturday my sister and my niece are coming over for the day to proof read the entire thing before I mail it off. I found several mistakes when I proof read it, so I am hoping by three of us reading it we will catch everything. The company does not proof it or correct anything.

Enjoy the cooler weather!


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