Saturday, August 30, 2008

Page Eighty Eight John Braden's Diary

i cream supper in the Park wife & i went a while i shaved my mustash off i have got the store Bill Paid Paid it the 15th the wether is offle dry all though it look for rain to night i am loading cars & pooting up mills

July 21th
ma arived Home to day Paid on my Place July the 7th $9 00

august the 7
$9 00 to a ply on contrack with Edger litchfield for my place

september the 7
i Paid $9 00 on my place John gatton moved Back to Webester city

i sent art $20 00 to come here on 9/17 tom Phairs & uncle will come here this evening we set up and talked till after 12 o clock


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