Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Real Story of Little Red Riding Hood

Younger son has had so much fun doing a two week drama camp. They did the play, "The Real Story of Little Red Riding Hood. The group of 8 kids met for three hours Monday thru Friday for the two weeks. It was pretty far from us so I stayed in a different area of the church and caught up on my reading. Younger son was the only boy and was given the part of The Wolf. It was his first musical. There were 8 song preformed and he had a solo. The director was wonderful! She is a voice teacher among many other things and what she was able to get these kids to do in two weeks was amazing. A great experience all around. We of course had some "drama" in the two weeks :) They had one very difficult student and after sitting in with two dress rehearsal as an observer I had a huge respect for how the director dealt with her. The second thing that happened is younger son went to a cast party from his last play with his fine arts group the night before he preformed in this play. Well it never accrued to him to save his voice since he has never used it as much as in the two weeks singing. Needless to say he came home with little voice! We did a lot of warm water, lemon and honey along with no talking! By that night he did fine and sounded like himself. I was relieved he had enough voice back to preform. He has learned a new life lesson if he plans to continue preforming so it had it's purpose.

We have been mostly just driving the last two weeks and coming home and doing nothing. Today we caught up on some things. I had to go to church and scoop ice cream into cups for our Sundae Sunday for our contemporary service tomorrow night. Older son brought stuff to the shed and did floors for me along with his laundry. We cleaned up a bit and Kevin managed dishes. This two week wiped him out! He is used to being home more :)

Younger son has come up with an other opportunity that was too good to pass up. It was a hard decision mostly because of the cost. There is a large theater in a town about 40 minutes from us doing a two week theater camp from 9am to 3pm. They have all professionals working with the kids. They are going to learn scenes, songs and choreography from high school musical and the following Sunday preform it on the stage all the professionals play on. When he goes to college he plans on majoring in education to become a teacher, but he wants to minor in either music or theater. I am hoping this will give him more information to make the best decision for him. Plus it will be great fun! The performance is open to the public and are even charging for tickets.

Now I am off to put up some pictures from the musical! Have a great weekend!


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