Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bad Weather, Car Problems, & Murder

I am guessing I have your attention :) The whole Midwest has been having terrible weather for awhile now. We have been pretty lucky that we haven't had any tornadoes hit close to us and we haven't had too much flooding in our neighborhood. It has been a strange Spring I must say. My parents lost their electricity for a couple of days but they are back up now too. Milo hates the thunder and hasn't wanted to go out once it is dark. When he is out he is usually fine, it's just getting the leash on him and out the door. In our neighborhood just about a mile or two down we have a minor league baseball field. When the team has a home game at the end they light off fireworks, so Milo is not thrilled at the dark anymore.

Now for the car problems. Nothing that will make the car not run, but the air conditioning went out. I took it in for an estimate and it was way too high so I was just going to leave it. Air conditioning is definitely a comfort not a necessity. Although on some days I would argue it is a necessity! The car guy told me that the parts that needed replacing also are responsible for my ice melting and defogging in the winter. Well, I do need to see, so I told him to go ahead and do it. Last week I got the car back and it didn't seem right. It made a hissing sound and wasn't really cool. By the second time I drove it, warm air was coming out instead of cold air so I brought it back to the car place. Yesterday I picked it back up and it seemed cool as I drove it home, but still it was hissing. Today again just hot air coming out. So as I type this I am waiting for younger son to get home from work so we can drop the car off again. I am really hope third time is the charm!

Murder, scary stuff to say the least. When we came home tonight after younger son's practice at church, our neighbor told us there was a dead body found with a gun shot wound right by us. Turns out it was between my bank and our condominium complex. Just one building down from us. This is scary on many levels since we are in and out at all hours and walk the dog 4 times a day. The neighbor knocked again about a half hour later and told us the the body was not found right by us it was a bank farther down the street. I wasn't sure I was relieved or not, but for some reason that extra couple of block made me feel a little better. I am waiting to see if it makes the paper tomorrow and maybe the local one on Thursday. Now I have to go walk the dog!


At 9:47 PM, Blogger BettyBetty said...

-Yes I agree with you the weather has been weird. We had dousy come through tonight...I thought the roof was coming off...just got our power back
-I admire your patience with your mechanic! Don't they check it before you pick it up?

At 11:35 PM, Blogger The Travelers Journal said...

They do check it but it seems as soon as I drive it I spring a new leak within the system. I have had it back for a few days now and all seems to be fine. I am hoping it holds now. I run it as much as I can to make sure it won't spring another leak under pressure. At least there is a 1 year warranty :)


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