Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Page Seventy Three John Braden's Diary

monday the 20
pay day i paid the store bill $3 59

tuesday the 21
chart effie & lee Phairo came to Webester City chart & effie came here lee went to John magors

wensday the 22
chart went out to ferls

thursday the 23
____ & effie went up town

friday the 24
we all wint to georges for supper

saturday the 25
chart came tonight

sunday the 26
chart went to len cars to day came back here to night i don the choars i wint over to georges bought his 2 cows $70 00 & he give me the churn

monday the 27
pay day i paid the store bill $4 65 chart started for ill to day i bought wash boillar & wash board $1 50 lee Phairs came here to day i bought me a ___ $1 50


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