Friday, February 01, 2008

Happy February!

The first month of the year has already passed and I am playing catch up. Younger son turned 15 the end of December and we have been meaning to take his yearly picture. We were waiting until he had his hair cut, but with all the snow we had over night I thought it would be a nice setting. We went out and took a few pictures. We ended up with about 8 inches of snow last night. We brought his coat with us outside in case I took too long deciding where I wanted him :) After about 10 pictures he had had enough and came in. So what do I do? I grabbed the dog. It was just about time for his walk. He was too funny. Most of the snow was taller then he was. He enjoyed climbing a couple of snow drifts and barking at cars as they went by.

Older son had to shovel out his car to get to work. The people that plow our parking lot had just gone by and if you were parked you ended up with a snow bank behind your car.

My chemo patient I write to just graduate from the ChemAngel program. She is doing well. She was my 5th patient. I still have my senior patient I write to also, so now I have to decide if I am going to continue on with a new child or take a little break. I am giving it a little more thought this time then the others. It is one of the most rewarding things I have done.

Besides taking pictures and doing laundry that was about it for the day. The last two day I did quite a bit of grocery shopping since the storm was coming and older son is having a super bowl party on Sunday with 10 to 15 friends. Younger son and I will be in the bedroom with the dog :)

Yesterday younger son had his eye appointment again. The pediatrician though he saw something else wrong with his eye, but thankfully his eye was fine. We ended up canceling his dentist appointment for 8am this morning. I am so glad we did. Even if I would have been able to get the car out of the lot, I am sure the streets would have been bad. I just rescheduled.

Our travelers are staying warm inside and looking forward to the super bowl party!


At 6:30 PM, Blogger BettyBetty said...

Are you sure you won't be playing waitress? Somehow I think that is what I would be doing if my oldest had that many friends over. Have fun anyway even though you are going to be in the bedroom!

At 7:18 PM, Blogger The Travelers Journal said...

Thanks Betty younger son and I will still be watching I am sure. The dog would go nuts with all the people here yelling. You are right, I will be going back and forth with drinks and snacks. Older son is ordering pizzas so at least he took care of that.


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