Saturday, July 28, 2007

Party With Debbie's Family!!

Today we had a great day! We almost didn't go because of older son's party tomorrow, but decide to go for a few hours because Debbie's sister, niece, and mother are in from Florida for the party. It was Debbie's brother's granddaughters party. They were turning 3 and 1. It was a huge party. About 50 people. They had a water side, pony rides, and their own personal ice cream truck stop by! My enjoyment of the party really didn't have anything to do with the extras (ok, I did like the personal ice cream truck!) but I love this family. It is a second family to me and the kids. We have known everyone about 32 years now. Hard to believe. Not only have we all grown up together, but now some of our kids have kids! Debbie's brother who I had a crush on for a couple of my teen years, is now a grandfather. Mind you he is still 4 years older then I am and started young, but a grandfather :)

It was so much fun seeing everyone and getting to talk today. I of course took lots of pictures. They asked me to do a family picture. All 5 generations were there and all out of town family was in. I should post that one too so you can see it. I'll do that next. I should be cleaning and making stuff for the party tomorrow, but I wanted to work on their pictures since Debbie's mom and sister go back home on Tuesday.

Tonight Older son has a graduation party again for an other one of his friends. He left almost as soon as we came home. He is DJ'ing the party too, so I am sure he will be late. Well, I am off to clean and cook up a couple of dishes. I will post the family picture first. I would have loved to have a 5 generation family picture. I was lucky to get a 4 generation one years ago. Every time I see their grandma Gert at the parties I go to I am reminded how much I miss talking to my grandmother. That is why these family pictures hold so much meaning for me. I love seeing the history.

I better get off and start my other stuff. I am sure I will have more pictures tomorrow after Older son's party!


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