Friday, July 20, 2007

It's Finally Here!

I am of course talking about the day we go to the book store for hours and hours with a million(ok, only 500 allowed) people. I was up bright and early to go stand in line for a bracelet to be able to get our books at midnight. They have a party starting at 9pm so we will arrive about 7 pm so we are in the group of 500 let in. The shocking/fun/lucky/there goes the lottery news is I was the FIRST person in line and now have the #1 bracelet! The kids were excited to hear we are #1. The line at Barnes & Noble wasn't too long when they opened this morning, but right across the street at Borders the line was down the sidewalk and to the street. It may have something to do with Barnes & Noble telling people a different time each time you called when the bracelets will be available.

Younger son is bringing a friend with us tonight and older son is meeting us there after he gets off work. We may check Borders out first since our store doesn't start it's activities until 9pm. My boys are a little old for most of the activities, but the atmosphere and costumes are always fun. Harry Potter is suppose to be there for pictures too.

Not too much other stuff going on. Older son is on vacation all next week from work and has his last class on Thursday. That is also his birthday. I'm not sure what we are doing the day of his birthday, but Sunday the 29th we are having the family over for dinner and a few of his friends over in the evening. I ordered a cake for him today done in Cubs, his favorite baseball team. Since I got him Cubs tickets for his birthday gift I thought it would be cute to do the cake in Cubs too. I did a massive grocery shopping spree yesterday and today. We were out of everything. The fridge was so empty that I was actually able to wash the shelves without moving anything. We have been eating out too much lately! I haven't spent this much money on groceries in a long time. I spend my normal monthly budget in two days. I have a couple of new recipes to try too. With all the going through cookbooks and recipes for the cookbook I am doing I found lots of things I wanted to try. Younger son is the pickiest eater ever. I already warned him not to complain until he tries it. This is the kid that wont even eat mac and cheese if the box looks different.

Younger son has had a couple of practices at church for this Sunday. He is singing with a Tenor/Brass choir. He is a Baritone. They are doing 2 songs this Sunday for both services. It is going to be hard getting us all out of bed in the morning after staying up all night tonight and late Saturday reading Harry Potter :)

I guess I do have some news. Younger son has decided to go back to Boy Scouts and work on his Eagle badge again. I am a little surprised, but he has a newer friend in the neighborhood that is a few years younger then him. The boys father is a scout master and has been recruiting him since younger son met this boy. I am hoping it will be a good experience. He only has 3 merit badges to complete and a project, so we will see how it goes. It is a small sized troop and he will be one of the older kids.

Well I imagine I will be off the computer for a day or two reading too. I will put some pictures up of tonight if I have any good ones. Have a great weekend everyone!


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