Friday, July 03, 2009

Rehearsal For Seussical June 28, 2009

Younger son is in full blown rehearsal for Seussical The Musical! It is a community theater about 20 miles from here. He is having a great time. I am SO glad he is driving now. Rehearsals are 4 hours long and 4 days a week. This is the big month of rehearsals. The musical starts the second week in August. He is now a Who Citizen, a Who Cadet, a sea horse, a zebra and a circus animal. The musical has 40 numbers. Younger son is in 20 of them. Seventeen on stage and three off stage. So lots of costume changes! I can't wait to see them all. When I went to a practice to take some pictures I was able to see the fish heads for the younger kids. They are so adorable! The seamstress is doing an amazing job!

Wow,the pictures when clicked on are huge! I know the quality is poor too. I had to take them all with no flash and low lighting. It didn't help that everyone was dancing and wouldn't hold still for the pictures ;)


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