Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm Here!

Good thing a picture is worth a 1000 words since I have been away from the blog for so long! We have not been home much. Lots of change and fun stuff going on. I have been helping out a lady across the way from me and working on Board of Director's business for our Condo Association the last couple of months. So I am in and out a lot more. Love doing both!

Older son is working two jobs and gone a lot. I recently fixed up our patio and bought a small grill so we can barbecue when he is home and have a meal together. He is enjoying being able to have his friends over when he is off and grilling for them. He loves his full time position at Walmart. He is enjoying security and getting to know the local police well. He still has just a short wait until 21 to start applying to police departments. I have mixed feelings about it, but he will be a great officer if he ends up getting on a force.

Younger son landed his first job working for our Condo association. He is really enjoying it. The big news is younger son is now a licensed driver. I put it off as long as I could, but when all the Spring rehearsals came up for everything he is in and he was cast in Seussical the Musical I finally had to let him go get it. It was impossible for us both to be in two places! His concerts and recital went really well this Spring. He has his Fine Arts group play coming up two days in June and then is in rehearsal for Seussical most days until August. Our whole family is going to his final (He has 10 performances. I will be at them all of course!) performance in August. Along with getting his first job, I see him just a little more often then older son! I can't imagine not homeschooling. He has had so many more opportunities! He is doing the cleaning of our buildings, painting, helping out our maintenance guy and learning a lot of skills for when he has a family. He is taking up accordion this summer too:)

That leaves Milo, he has had to adjust too, poor dog. He is used to having younger son and I home a lot more. I started giving him a treat when I leave for a couple hours in the morning and now he just about opens the door for me so he can get his treat :)

Hopefully I will be back a little more regularly :) Thanks for checking in!


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