Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voting Day!

We were up and ready to go by 7:55 this morning. It really lends a lot of excitement to the race as your children get old enough to vote. Older son voted four years ago, but there was a problem with his paper work and he was not able to vote for president. He had the paper with him that showed he registered, but he wasn't in the system. They let him vote, but was told he couldn't vote for president only the others on the ballot. Funny the government didn't loose his name when he had to register for the military at 18, but couldn't get it together for him to be able to vote for president. Needless to say he was pretty disappointed. So even though he has voted in the past this year was the first time he was able to vote for president. It is one of those times you realize you child is an adult. I still see him as my little boy when I look at him, but the world sees him as an adult. In four years younger son will be voting too. I can't quite believe it. We have talked about this election for two years now. I am glad we were finally able to go vote.

I expected long lines. I was very surprised to pull into a parking space and go right in. We stopped for a picture with our traveler friends in front of the building. When we went in they pulled up our names right away and I asked if they minded me taking a picture. All 4 judges said they did not mind. There was no one behind us in line. As soon as I took the picture, the other side came over and told me it wasn't allowed :) Last year they were thrilled to see the kids and travelers. This year people are pretty tense. At least I took the one picture. In 4 years I will be back and ask again because it will be younger son first turn :) Maybe by then people will lighten up a little.


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