Saturday, August 02, 2008

Happy August!

We had a great first day of August! We got together with some friends we haven't seen in quite awhile. While homeschooling years ago we met a few families we hung around with regularly. We did a lot of really cool field trips and had lunch and pool parties often. These kids are closer to older son's age and two of the families ended up going to high school. The kids have all been busy with high school, college and assorted activities. So our gatherings are more like once a year. One family is moving next year so this may have been our last get together as a group. The mom's still get to go to lunch once in awhile :) Younger son was always the youngest in the group so even though he is still homeschooled all but two kids are college age now. We miss doing things with this group!

The kids had fun swimming and hanging out and us moms sat around and talked. Here are two pictures I took.


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