Saturday, July 19, 2008


Well tomorrow is the big day! Younger son has his High School Musical. We were in downtown Joliet for two weeks of rehersal. I usually stayed in the building with him becasue after the doors locked you couldn't get back in until the end of the day. The first week there was a couple of days of rain and the second week was hot and muggy. I did manage to take a couple of days to explore the town. The highlight was the Joliet Area Historical Museum. It had the first floor dedicated to Route 66. I really enjoyed the musuem. The first week they had the streets closed off for a race car rally and each friday they had the streets closed off for a farmers market. The first week in August they have the streets closed off for a kidzfest. The cast is coming back to sing a few songs in front of the Rialto for the event.

I have a bunch of pictures of the cast rehersing on stage, but most are just to dark and grainy. I am hoping for some better pictures this Sunday. The directors that worked with them were great. Younger son is excited and looking forward to tomorrow!


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