Wednesday, April 02, 2008

We Now Have a Place to Sit Again!

Happy April to all! We had our living room set delivered last week. It looked much bigger at home then in the store. We had to take out the treadmill, both end tables, and we already moved the organ to the kids room. We ended up using the end tables in a completely different way :) Since we had to move them we had no where for the phone, answering machine and other things, so we ended up stacking the end tables (after emptying them with 15 years worth of stuff) and sliding them behind the wedge piece so we can still use it to hold everything.

Last week we took the train downtown to Navy Pier to see Romeo & Juliet. It was a wonderful version. We had great seats. We were first balcony, first row. We went with friends so it made it even better. Younger son wants to go to see more Shakespeare now.

Yesterday was younger son's first day of drivers ed! I have pictures :) I am driving him and a friend for the next 4 weeks. Monday they take a test and if they pass they can then go get their permits. In the 4 weeks of classroom they also sign up for behind the wheel so at the end they will be done with everything. In Illinois now they have to drive 50 hours with an adult over 21 and wait 9 months to get their license from the date of their permit. We are planning on waiting at least a year. The kids in Illinois can drive up to 2 years with a permit without getting insurance.

It has been a busy week already with drivers ed each day, but we can do anything for 4 weeks. Ask iambossy! She is on a road trip visiting all her blog friends for 5 weeks, hitting 25 cities and 250 bloggers! I am hoping to meet her when she is in Chicago. Now with drivers ed it will depend on the time of day and where we meet. I have been following her road trip daily.

Only 37 more days left until vacation!! We are all getting excited! The count down has begun :) Older son in in charge of video taping and I will be taking a lot of pictures of course. We finally figured out a way to put all our old minidv's and old vhs on DVD! We have been working on that a lot. We have an older trip we took with my sisters family in 2001 finally on something permanent along with older son's Eagle Court of Honor and our trip last year to Disney. We never saw the court of honor tape until now! So 5 years latter we were able to watch it. My sister already told us she will bring all hers over after we get the last 20 years of ours done so we can start on hers :)

We are very happy one of older son's friends has agreed to come and take care of the dog while we are gone. I was so worried about leaving him at a doggie hotel for 10 days. I am very relieved we found someone responsible to look after him. We think he was an abused dog and he isn't really friendly unless you see him regally. He doesn't like men or kids, so it narrowed down the field :) We love him though!

I am going to go post some pictures now. Have a great day!! :)


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