Sunday, April 20, 2008

Has It Been 10 Days Again??

Time is sure flying by! We leave on vacation in 19 more days. We are trying to fit in all the drivers ed stuff before we leave. As soon as we started thinking about what we will be packing, we all needed some new things. Older son has more dress clothes since he has to dress up for work and younger son has more casual clothes with a suit thrown in. Me, I am mostly sweats and casual tops. We will be gone 8 nights and 9 days and we need dinner clothes and day clothes so it has been a challenge to get us all ready. Then we have to figure out if we are allowed one or two bags to check. It seems the airline isn't quite sure either. We bought our tickets back in February so I think we are ok. If purchased after April 5 you can only check one for free. Normally one a piece would be plenty, but we will have a garment bag also.

Since I have last blogged, the kids went to Michigan to see my brother and his family for his birthday. They drove with my parents and sister's family. Since we are farther away now that they moved to Michigan the kids and I take turns on staying home with the dog. It would be too long to leave him. They had a great time and it was younger sons first time seeing their new house.

My sister, mom, and niece came out for my sister's birthday and we went to lunch. It was great because even my niece took the day off and after lunch we shopped for the trip coming up. We haven't been out together shopping in ages!

Last Sunday was our church's first contemporary service. It went really well. I am doing some set up, greeting, and clean up. Younger son is singing and doing scripture readings. Older son has waited for this service to start for years. He is playing the bongo until the church gets a new drum set. We had about 350 people at the service last week. The kids are already there today rehearsing. I am leaving in about an hour to help set up coffee and snacks for after the service.

Younger son had a three and a half hour dress rehearsal for his up coming play in May on Friday. I went and took pictures. The lighting was off in my pictures. I ended up using a flash. I was trying to avoid that. The day of the play I won't be able to use flash so I wanted to get some done at the rehearsal. The kids did a great job. When everyone is in costume and the scripts are better memorized it is going to be really good.

Younger son is driving better this week. We were off to a shaky start, but with lots of practice it will get better and better. His instructor says he is doing very well and needs to relax and if you can believe it, speed up a little :)

Tuesday BOSSY from i am bossy is suppose to be in the Chicago area. I am hoping to meet up with her. With drivers ed it will be tricky. I am waiting to hear for sure when she arrives to ask an other parent to drive the kids to drivers ed. So I am crossing my fingers it all works out. Bossy is making her way across the country in I think it is 5 weeks to meet with some of the people that follow her blog! She has a car dealer that is sponsoring her and she is blogging about her adventures. Matter of fact I better e-mail the Chicago area people and ask if we have confirmation on the date. It is only 2 days away!!

I am going to go put up some photos of the past few days. Have a great day!!


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