Sunday, November 25, 2007

Let The Holidays Begin! Downtown Macy's & Daily Plaza

We had such a great day downtown today! The crowds were minimal and the weather was good too. We took a train downtown and met my friends and son on the train a few stops down. We were downtown by 9:45am. We walked over to Stated Street to Macy's Department store to see Santa. My friends and her son go every year. The line winds through interactive things for the kids to do. Mostly pressing buttons to make things go. Then Santa was in his own room which was great! Between 6 of us and a wheel chair along with coats we were quite a group :) We were able to put everything down first. My friends and son went first and Tom asked for a drum set. Just hearing him answer Santa was great. Then the three of us took a family Christmas picture with Santa! I asked the boys ahead of time if they minded and both were fine with it, so we all went and sat by Santa. Luckily he was on a sturdy bench type of chair. All the pictures turned out nice. Everyone looking and smiling. We were almost out of there and then I realized we missed part of the plan! When Deb and I were 17 we had our picture taken with Santa and I still have the picture. So I asked Santa if he minded Deb and I taking a picture with him. He said he would be happy to. Deb and I now have a new picture with Santa after 30 years! I will drag her there when we are 77 and have an other one done 30 years from now :)

After Santa we went to the lower level of Macy's and had lunch in the cafeteria. The food was good and reasonable. Then we went to the 8th Floor to see the big tree. It was beautiful. We took a couple of pictures and then headed outside to see the decorated windows. I try and take the kids each year to see what used to be Marshall Field's windows, that are now Macy's windows. There were a few people looking, but I was able to take pictures at all the windows! Usually it is so crowed that you can barley see the window let alone take pictures.

Then we were off to Daily Plaza. To the see the Christkindlmarket. It is an open-air, German-style market that showcases handmade ornaments, accessories, clothing and gifts, plus live entertainment. Also features German food and drink such as beer, hot spiced wine, potato pancakes, bratwurst, schnitzel, & strudel. My friend's son loves the chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick. They go every year to get him some. I tried one of those and a stick of chocolate covered strawberries. Now that was great! We also found a little train that will fit great in our North Pole village it is just the right size. The ornaments they have are just beautiful! We bought a couple last year.

After walking around we saw the horse drawn carriage rides. Debbie suggested we try it. The kids have never been on one and I have been on one once. The carriage wouldn't hold all of us, so I offered to stay with the wheel chair and they took all the kids. I did manage to get a couple pictures as they were going and then handed the camera to older son so he could take some pictures of the ride. It was only 20 minutes, so I really didn't mind. I am so glad the boys were able to go on one. It gave me a chance to eat one of the chocolate covered strawberry sticks :) I must say I felt naked without my camera!

Then it was the walk back to the train station. It was getting colder and we had to make one stop on the way. We had to stop by Garrets Popcorn and pick up some cheese popcorn. I haven't had Garretts popcorn in years! It is the best popcorn ever. It is famous in Chicago.

We always love taking the train. On the way home it just started to lightly snow. By the time we hit our stop it was frozen slush and now it sounds like rain mixed with ice is coming down. We made it home just in time to avoid the bad weather. I will be downloading some of our pictures and will come back to post some.


At 10:50 PM, Blogger Kunoichi said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time! :-D

At 5:30 PM, Blogger The Travelers Journal said...

It was a lot of fun. I am glad it wasn't too crowded or cold.


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