Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

I am glad I posted an other John Braden diary page. It has been awhile since the last one. Since we have been home except for laundry and driving kids from place to place, I have been neck deep in Disney photos. I ended up printing about 560 photos to put in an album. Since I had so many pictures it took a long time to edit and fix them all. When they were done I uploaded them to Walgreens to print starting a 48 hour nightmare! It ended up ok. I had the pictures I wanted and then made 2 cd's containing 995 pictures. Instead of one set of cd's I ended up with 5 sets. It was a long two days :) The good part was that I got to give each of the kids a set, my best friends family, keep one for myself and put a set in our safety deposit box. Can you tell we don't travel much! Pictures are important to me. It is a record of fun times with the kids that we will always look back on. I have all my pictures in order and ready to put in albums. Today my friend came over and we spent hours looking over my pictures and ordering hers. Sure enough half way through all the pictures disappeared from site and we had to do them over, but we had lots of fun and had the cd's going on the tv all day. Tomorrow we pick hers up and I am going to help her sort through them and put them in order. She bought 2 sets so this will be no easy feat! Walgreens never comes back in order and the two copies aren't always together. So we will have 1200 pictures to put in order.

We put up our tree a week early last weekend since we will be gone this weekend and that is when we usually get it up. It looks nice, it has been so gloomy today it looked bright all light up. I am working on Christmas ornaments for gifts. I had pictures printed on transparent paper and cut the pictures to fit in clear glass ornaments. I am going to put some kind of ribbon or bow on it and then I will be all set. I think I made 18 of them. I may try a couple more now that I know what looks good in them.

Older son is back to work after been on vacation since we left for Disney. He is just about done with his final couple of weeks of college. He can't wait, the last few weeks are the hardest.

Younger son has a lot of rehearsals going on. His play is in the middle of December. This year they are doing one big concert a few days after the play for tone chimes, choir, band and orchestra. Kevin is in all of them except orchestra. Both boys are playing in church on December 9th for lessons and carols. The end of the year is always a little hectic around here, but all fun stuff.

Our travelers are enjoying just resting up after the trip to Disney. They should be well rested by Thanksgiving. Maybe they can help cook! Tomorrow I am making Pioneer Women's mashed potatoes (double recipe), chocolate covered brownies and a broccoli & cauliflower dish for Thanksgiving. We go to my sister's each year for dinner. My nephew will be home from college so we will all be together.

Hope you all have a very blessed Thanksgiving. We are blessed to have so many friends and family on and off line :)


At 2:09 AM, Blogger Kunoichi said...

Oooo.... You've got to tell me how the mashed potatoes turn out! That's a recipe I really want to try, too. I'd never thought of using cream cheese in mashed potatoes, before!

At 2:29 AM, Blogger The Travelers Journal said...

I will let you know. As soon as I saw the recipe I knew I wanted to try it too. I am making them right after I bring younger son to band tomorrow.


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