Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Birthday To Older Son

Today 19 years ago I became a mom. One of the happiest days of my life. He was born by cesarean section after about 12 hours of not very productive labor. I was awake and was able to see everything through the doctors glasses. My whole family was in the waiting room waiting for news. I felt like I could run a marathon after giving birth I was so happy. In contrast with younger son I was exhausted and slept nearly two days before the nurses wouldn't let me sleep anymore. Something about bonding :)

I remember sitting in a big chair looking out the window on one of the first nights older son was home. He was crying for two days straight. I remember holding him all night thinking please remember everything, it is going to go so fast. Making myself remember how it felt to hold him all night and how he smelled and looked at me. It is one of the first times I marked an event with him that I can look back on. Telling myself I need to remember this in 18 years. Here it is 19 years latter and I still remember that instant. There were many nights like that. Matter of fact older son never ended up sleeping in a crib :) The first bed he actually slept in was when younger son was born 4 and 1/2 years later and we bought older son a big boy bed. Younger son went in the crib his first night home and older son went into his new bed.

I am putting up a couple of baby pictures today. I enjoyed going through all his baby pictures. We have had photo albums all over the house lately since I am trying to find pictures for the cookbook I am doing.

This morning older son got up and went to take his final. He is so happy to be done with school for a few weeks. We had a very early dinner and cupcakes to celebrate the day. Younger son did all the dishes and even Milo loved having a little gravy over his dog food. Older son loved the DVD's younger son and I bought him. We already watched The Bourne Identitiy with Matt Damon. We will watch the second one later. We want to see the third one at the show when it is out. He is now making a slide show for his VBS class tonight. He is enjoying volunteering with his friends this week.

I am off to put up a couple of pictures. It was weird fixing and cropping pictures from 19 years ago! Home photography has come a long way. The pictures aren't great quality, but that is part of what I like about them. They are starting to look like older pictures.

Have a great day!


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