Wednesday, July 25, 2007

This has been a fun week. My best friend's mother is in town. We were all able to have lunch together. I haven't seen her is so long. She lives in Florida for most of the year. Debbie and I even managed to go see a movie this week. I think it is the first move we have seen since we had kids!

Older son is on vacation from work this week. His 19th birthday is tomorrow. He still has school this week. Tomorrow is his final and then he will be off school for about 3 weeks before school starts back up. He fit in a dentist appointment and Friday he has a physical. Both kids are volunteering in an evening Vacation Bible School this week too. At different churches. Younger son is local with a friend of his and older son is a little farther away with his friend. So it has been an unusual week for me too. I have had my evening free this week.

Younger son and I went shopping today for older son's birthday gift and cards. He picked out a few DVD's for him. I made the mistake of buying really cute tissue paper to wrap them in. I didn't notice it was covered in glitter! Now our living room is too :) I am making older son his second favorite dinner tomorrow (well actually lunch since VBS is in the evening), drunken chicken. It is a whole cut up chicken with cream of chicken, cream of celery, cream of mushroom soups. With 1/3 cup of sweet vermouth. You mix it up and pour it over the chicken and bake it. It is really wonderful and makes a great gravy. I already made him his favorite meal at the beginning of his vacation. His favorite meal is pork chops made with stuffing on them cooked very slowly. Younger son would pick either McDonalds or mac and cheese :)

I have received a few more recipes for our cookbook. It is great seeing all the recipes coming in. I am still going through pictures. My brother is bringing old slides from my grandparents with him next month when we will be at my sisters. I can't wait to look through them again.

Younger son had his music lesson today. Milo loves when the music teacher comes. We don't get to the lesson until Milo gets his attention first :)

Well I am off, younger son should have called by now and older will be home soon too. Since his final is tomorrow I am hoping he is home early and get some rest.


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