Thursday, December 20, 2007

Almost Christmas!

I hope you are all having fun preparing for your holiday fun. We are now done with plays, concerts, decorating, shopping, and even Christmas cookies. Our family party is quickly approaching. I have most the food bought. I just need two more stops tomorrow after my doctors appointment and the food will at least be in the house. Most is finger foods and things to just warm up so it will be easy.

I have to back up to last Saturday. We had our plans older son was at work all day and then the children's Christmas program at church that he was working the sound and video for. Younger son and I were going to the bank, get Milo over to the dog groomers for a bath and his nails to be trimmed which he badly needed! As soon as I shut the door, I knew it! My keys were hanging right inside the door and we were locked out. It was the day we had lots of snow and it was cold. I though younger son must have his keys with, what are the odds of both of us leaving them at home? Turns out very good! I ended up calling a lock smith who couldn't pick our lock. There was no other way then to drill the lock out and replace it. Four hours later and $129.00 poorer we ended up only going to get the dog groomed. The bank was closed and I was able to change the dogs appointment for later in the day. But at least we have a new lock that opens with the same key as our top lock now. I think I would have felt better keeping the lock he couldn't pick instead of the shinny new one that will be easier to get in!

Monday was the kids band concert. It was wonderful. First was a prelude with the tone chimes playing 3 songs. Next came the concert chorale they sang three songs. The men's chorus sang a wonderful version on "Do You Hear What I Hear?". Then we had the cadet and concert band combined and they did three songs. The concert band stayed and played three more songs finishing with Sleigh Ride. Older son and two friends in the band each wear something to surprise the band director each year during the last song:) This year it was Santa hats.

Older son was able to play with the orchestra this year. For a couple of songs the orchestra needed band instruments. Older son and a couple of other band people sat in with them. This is the first year I had a child in each group! Younger son wanted to do violin to be part of the orchestra for a couple of years now. We gave it a try two summers ago, but it was just too expensive along with all the band stuff. I will put up some pictures of the night when I am done with the post.

Yesterday I went shopping for all the things I needed to make cookies and a few things just for us. I made a couple of batches of Spritz cookies, Chocolate Chip cookies and Crescent Cookies. Along with 50 Reindeer Noses and Spicy Sugared Cashews. The house smelled so good especially when the cashews were cooking!

The next two days will be for cleaning and setting the house up for our guests. I wish all of our flat travelers lived close enough to have an open house each holiday to tell you all in person how much I appreciate your friendship and getting to know you all! I pray you and your families have a blessed Christmas and a safe, healthy, prosperous New Year!!


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